What’s your catch phrase?

New ET3 (2)

 Y.O.LO, (You Only Live Once) LG, (Life’s Good) T.G.I.F, (Thank God It’s Friday) or T.B.T (Throw Back Thursday); I don’t think anyone has T.B.T for their catch phrase though.

It could also be “All is Well”, “hakunamatata“, or even “Be careful what you wish for”.

What I’ve noticed is that our catch phrases often shape our lifestyles; A Y.O.L.O person is daring and adventurous, an LG person is the “always have fun” kind. For Hakunamatata, it would probably be “always happy” and not because they lack life problems, but because they already got rid of worrying.

Although I’ve been through many of these catch phrases in the different stages of my little experience as a human, I decided to stick with one I feel superceeds all; “G.I.W.U” (God Is With Us)

So now whenever I’m faced with a terrible frustrating situation, whatever impossible task I have to accomplish, or even when life feels okay and fine, I always remember that I have God with me; I am more than victorious.


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