Hakuna matata (It means “no worries”)

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I like my life figured out.

I always thought if I had full control over my life, then it’ll just turn out perfect.

No, it didn’t.

Fact is, life is filled with unexpected gifts, and there is no way everything can be under your control; being human means you never run out of life’s numerous surprises, I figured, and worrying becomes a futile venture.

Since I couldn’t handle my life, I had to find someone who was good at it; to take these numerous surprises and turn them into my idea of perfect. To be sincere, perfect is not at all interesting, cause after few experiences of God’s guidance of your life, you’ll never want to come near perfect.

You may think that your life is so terrible and that there could never be a solution. Or you’ve just reached the end point. I have good news for you:

I know of someone who can take your frustrating and tiring life’s surprising situations and turn them into beautiful and admired adventures, in ways no human mind could ever imagine. This way, you won’t need to worry about anything, because He’ll be in control of everything.

With Jesus, it’s hakuna matata all the way. Try Him today.


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