AUTHENTIC LOVE (Everything I learned about Jesus, I learned from a child)

1723479_920487807962444_4622260945114495855_nBy Jon Jorgenson

Jon describes his summer camping experiences as a summer councillor in intriguing and seductive tittles for his chapters, that almost always give you an idea of what to expect in them, yet you finish the chapters, still lost in enthusiasm, wanting to know more, even though the story already have a perfect ending, and you can very much see that there are no more words to read.

He explained in these chapters, some of his awesome experiences at camp, and how they could be related in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He creates an aura of simplicity in our relationship between God, comparing it with our everyday relationships with one another. It could be the same, we really don’t have to do more than we can.

I’ve listened to people talk about Christianity in ways that make me wonder if we actually worship the same God. This book helps us understand in a better way, that a relationship with God is not more complicated than a relationship with any other human.

Recommended for anyone with a longing to understand the word “Christianity”.

ABOUT JON11406442_970040716340486_5652128455048779711_o

Jon, a happily married man, worked with nearly 5000 students; ages 8 to 18 at summer camps in Northern Illinois. His first published book “Authentic love” is about those experiences.

He’s an actor, co – founder of “The Anima Series” on YouTube, a speaker, and blogger @

He’s all about motivating authentic creation and is one of the reasons for the existence of this blog.

*Pictures were collected from Jon’s Facebook page  



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