Make passion your profession; so that work will be play

You’ve probably heard that somewhere. Yes, the famous Indian movie titled: “3 Idiots”. That phrase had stuck in my head the very moment it got in.

In Nigeria, I would say that a profession is not something we take too seriously (maybe I’m wrong). We already have selected professions that we are to choose from, and if your passion doesn’t fall into any of them, then you’ll probably not be having any profession, (because you might not be able to meet the requirements) or end up slaving away your entire life, trying to fit in. As a Nigerian, I would probably think; “what do I need passion for, when I only have to just pick a profession?”

This anyways did not work on me. I didn’t really know my passion, but I just couldn’t fit into a profession. I knew I had to find my passion; and find my passion, I did.

Do you know what you have passion for? This is the first step in finding a profession.

Don’t do it because it’s prestigious, easy, or seem like the right job for your desired status. Do it because you love doing it.

Also, you have to be really sure it’s love and not lust. Just like Jon Jorgenson’s friend told him; Lust promises pleasures it could never deliver. This might not be his exact words, but you get the idea. You might think you love it, but it might just be the idea behind it, or any other thing, except it.

I’ve always wanted to become many things, and unlike others, I didn’t just imagine wanting to become those things, I actually did try. I attended law classes, tried International relations and Diplomacy, even Mandarin and French languages, and now considering mass communication and journalism (which I’m very certain I’ll be trying). At the time I tried these study fields, I could produce 10 pages essays for each course, explaining why each course was the perfect course for me. But then I will gradually begin to feel disenchanted and then move to the next cool profession. There was always something missing; something I found studying French and Mandarin.

I didn’t even have to try. The whole of me agreed with each one. I couldn’t even remember the last time I was so brillant, (except when I studied English) and I wasn’t even trying. It really was like having fun.

Whatever it is you do, without passion, you might never get your full potential out, never know what you can do.

I believe we are all created for a manifestation, and our passion; not profession, is tied to it.



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