Living the life of your dream (if you think you can, you can)


By Olayinka Johnson.

This is just not a book you read for entertainment, it’s a book that has got a work sheet, where you can become practical with the strategies that would change your life for the better. I’m not just saying; because I’m a testimony of the life changing abilities of this book.

Although this book can only work out fine, if you do your assignments diligently! (Yap, you’ve got them; literarily)

Recommended for everyone with the desire to live their dreams, the dream way.

ABOUT OLAYINKA10929075_948118625199618_3413292079562713300_n

She is a consultant, speaker, leadership and empowerment coach. She has a passion to empower women to succeed in the assignments given to them by God. She runs a foundation; Hope for Women, Youth and Children Foundation, (HWYCF) based in France.

She is the women’s National Coordinator of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, France mission.

You can know more about her, and her work here; or

You can also speak with her on; +33687662553


Pictures were taken from olayinka’s Facebook page


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