That Moment

That moment when you stand in a cross road, with so much knowledge of the right direction,

Yet you try so hard convincing your mind that the other is not entirely just a distraction

That moment you realize the path overflowing with aesthetic grandeur,

Confirming your conviction of just another discovery, coated with grand awe

That moment you understand the itinerary does not choose its discovery,

But the discovery, its itinerary…


 That moment you accept the impossibility to understand what manner of love one can have for another,

To leave a throne in glory and die like an offender

That moment you know He could have chosen to go the other way but chose this way,

Because He was fixed on His discovery, so its itinerary, couldn’t cause delay

That moment you just decided to take the right direction,

Because when you get to your destination, it’ll be worth the contention.


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