Look what I made



It started as a joke, but then it turned out real.

You know, dreams will always remain dreams, unless you work on them.

Elizabeth’s Turf just published her first book ‘Discoveries of an Adventurer’ (Although it’s only available for just kindle users for now)

Anyways, I just turned 25 years old on the 12th of March, 2016. Before this day, I had felt so disappointed in myself. It felt like I had just become a failure, because I had so many expectations for when I would be 25, and it was just around the corner, and I hadn’t even achieved close to half of my expectations.


I didn’t want to be an ingrate, so I still wanted to be thankful anyways, but I needed help for that, so I wrote down all of my achievements, and then it became clear.


No, I hadn’t achieved all of my expectations, but I couldn’t even believe what I had achieved.

Most times, we concentrate on mediocrity, and status quo, that we forget to remember that the God we serve is no ordinary one; that He would not plan mediocrity for us.

He wants the best for us, and if only we could listen and follow His plans, even the sky cannot be our limit.

It is very possible to live your dreams, but remember that at some point, you’ll have to stop dreaming, wake up, and start living!


We will be donating every of the profit made by this book to organizations, working for the good of humanity; so when you buy this book, you don’t only get inspired and motivated, you get to help others too.



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