Discoveries of an Adventurer



I believe humans everywhere in the world are ‘the same make’. We were all made in the Image of God, given the same abilities and power, but different gifts.

Published by Elizabeth’s Turf, this book is a compilation of my inspirational blog posts, at Elizabeth’s Turf, that further explains this statement. It is written in very simple English; for better communication, and organized in an interesting and not too formal style. It has been designed with little posters that also carry motivational phrases.

Discoveries if an Adventurer is a motivational book, that can only make an impact in one’s life, if applied to one’s way of living.

I believe if these discoveries worked for me, they can definitely work for you. We’re the same kind of different afterall; we can only be broken the same.


Know that buying a book will mean that you get to be involved in the education of a child. Elizabeth’s Turf will be donating every of this book’s profit to ‘Slum 2 School Africa’.

Know more about them at





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