That Great Change

You wake up in the morning; half conscious, totally exhausted.

You look around and realize nothing changed. You’re disappointed, a bit scaredThat great change Poster (2) and a lot angry at yourself mostly, and then at every other person or thing you can find around you.

You’ve had a very long and intense prayer the night before and like every other night, gone to bed with extremely high hopes, expecting a change; that great change!

So, what exactly is this great change?

To mysteriously evolve as the richest man or woman in the world, lose all of your weight (or maybe just a few pounds) and become the thinnest sexiest female of all times? Be the only student in the honour’s list? To be known by every Body, Soul and Spirit? To suddenly know how to do everything, evolve into Superman, Bat man, your favourite super hero, or develop a new coolest super power? Will your great change be to eliminate problems forever, and be eternally free of it?

Whatever your great change is, fact is, life will always be the exact same way it was yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before the day, before yesterday, (you get my point, I suppose) unless you decide that it’s time to make a move and then take a step.

It’s true a thousand mile journey begins with a step. You know, it’s when you take that step, that God takes a thousand steps ahead of you, clearing your path, so you could go through.

There’s nothing impossible with God, but to finish, you’ll have to at least start.



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