About Love

By Paul O. Somiari

Some find it in their lover’s eyes,
Some in their friend’s; and others, elsewhere.
They send gifts, they send flowers,
Some send a little more than the heart can hold.
They tell different stories that connect,
All pointing to one rare truth-
About the thing they care the deepest.
They speak in mysteries, they use good lyrics
like seasoned poets, your heart only melts.
They dine with candle lights,
And give names to different stars.
They choose a favorite song
To which they dance to, all night long.
They feel their bodies touch,
And their closure generates “sun heat”,
And yes, they’re damp, but an ocean’s current still flows betwixt.
They love to explore all of nature’s virtues
And embrace art and craft, like statures.
Imagination only runs wild,
And they’re loving it; Now that’s life…
… Diamonds, they say, are forever,
And beauty never dies, just never
It takes two to tango,
but it takes more than just two to dance to a rhythm…


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