Do you Believe?


Out of the dark void, a world was initiated

Out of His sweet voice, creations were innovated

Out of the warm dust, humans became products of His invention

Yet out of His good plan, we created our destruction.


He surrendered His life, so in His grace we can subsist

But we know not how willingly salvation has been donated

We look for ways so hard our existence by us are no longer manipulated

While He sits in darkness hoping and waiting that from our doubts and fears, we will eventually desist.


Truthfully it is, that His actions should not make us believe

With the extreme care He offers, that the human mind cannot perceive

We have done nothing to have received the “sons and daughters’” status,

Or welcomed into a pure golden street city, for a perfect rest on our return from a world we assumed precious


He has given us His entirety, even if we don’t believe

Lived in human flesh to experience our doubtful minds and weak body,

To initiate a perfect communication in a relationship He hopes we would accept whole heartedly, even with our human body

Yet none of His desires for us could ever become reality, only if we believe


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