We’re the Solution

Probably wondering what that has got to do with anything? I have a point, I promise.

Solution (2)

Remember the movies; “Divergent” and “Insurgence”? Well, they remind me a lot of life in reality, or at least life in a Christian’s reality.

If you’re familiar with these movies, you might remember how society had supressed the human imagination, to the extent that it could control our actions. This is the same with our reality today, where a group of people claim to know too much of life and then manipulate our minds and imaginations to the extent that we begin to believe we are what they say. We even let them control our actions and our entire life, afraid to go beyond the ordinary.

Maybe you don’t fit into any of the designated factions that society has divided humanity into, depending on the capabilities that they imagined we could possess, and maybe your imaginations just keep going wild and society’s grip isn’t strong enough on you, and you’re beginning to feel like a “threat termed Divergent”, that shouldn’t be existing, then just like me, you’re not just divergent, you’re a god, made in the image and likeness of the Most High God, with free will, and an imagination of creativity that even His angels do not possess, to produce Godly fruits and give meaning to life.

Like we figured out anyways, we’re not the threat, we’re the solution!




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