They believe our world started with a big bang,
but the creative words of a God sounds naive.
They believe out of apes we emerged,
but to be moulded by a Supreme Being seems ridiculous.
They believe the most intelligent beings use only a percentage of their mind’s ability, or brain’s capability; imagine a 100 percent utilization.
Yet, the idea that we were made in the image of a Supreme Being just has to be petty.

We encourage ourselves to speak positively, because our words carry life,
but we have forgotten who spoke first.
With our hands we’ve created things; we still do,
neglecting the possibility that we act as He does.
He demands our worship, and we question His authority,
yet Napoleon and Hitler were going to rule the world

If you were God, would you not demand more; Hitler proved it.
I believe to be a God would be overwhelming, so when this God stoops down to my level,
wanting to save me, or even have any form of relationship with me, and in the most degrading way ever,
to give my worship couldn’t be a problem; because I admire His manner of loving
and I desire to love like He loves

So I’ll study and learn His ways,
follow His rules and do as He wishes.
I’ll even teach the world; if they desire to go this way too,
because in all of this world, there could never be another as awesome as this God.
Maybe going this way seems impossible; which is totally accurate,
I’ll believe it’s for this same reason He’s given grace enough to anyone willing to try.


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