He fights for His own

Although I’m used to saying this statement a lot “my God will fight for me”, it has only Fight for me (2)just began to make so much sense. This is a statement I always wanted to so much believe in, and without any doubt. This does not mean that I don’t have a God capable of fighting for His own, I just wasn’t very sure I was good enough to deserve such favour from Him.

You know, you never know the might of our Almighty God, or the extent He’ll be willing to go for you, until you’re faced with a situation that demands it. Life may seem a bit rough, but every day, I get to realize abilities that my little human mind couldn’t have imagined He has, and extraordinary favours that I was very certain I couldn’t deserve.

The next time you hear me say; ‘My God will fight for me’, Know that I’m not kidding, it’s true; BEWARE!


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