the call

I wish I didn’t exist. (sometimes)

I hear news of yet another “gone too soon,” and I envy their sorrowful, but appealing departure from this tiring world.

We constantly speak of hope, yet everyday it gets worse.

Intelligence increasing, technology soaring; beast mode activating.

We’re changing, and it’s not for the better.

I’m not surprised, because it happened before.

Man has continually provoked God’s rage, and we’ve constantly been destroyed by it.

Like in Noah’s time, so shall it be in ours; where only 8 were saved.

I’ve always thought life to be easier, when none of these bothers you, but I still can’t get myself to believe it could be true, because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE LIKE THIS; not you, not I.

We’ve let this world deal terribly with us; we’ve become her slave.

So to those of us who have found a way, it’s our duty to lead the way, because it’s for this reason we’ve been created, it’s for this moment we’ve been freed!


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