It’s not knowing that God can do anything or everything, it’s knowing that He would do it for you – Faith

Makes any sense?  You bet it does!

So all my life I had dedicated to building up beliefs that I served a God that could do anything and everything one couldn’t even imagine, but it never crossed my mind that I needed to believe that He was willing to do it for me, and just having the ability wasn’t good enough.

So why on earth would He want to move mountains, path seas, or rain manner for your sake?

I’ll tell you why He’d do it for me;

because I am His child. I was made in His very own Image. His plans and desires for me is nothing less than One who would lay down His life for the one He loves.

So yes, He would strike a nation with drought, turn rivers to blood, and even demand the lives of others for my sake, because He desires the very best for me.

I’m not sure about you though


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