Most Desired

Photo from Guardian

She was staring from afar, with eyes huge and delightful. She seemed friendly, very famous; everyone wanted her. She has a skin that is a mixture of every colour. A body so perfect, you can see the awe in every detail of her curves. She has a hair so long and amazing, it radiates a glory so intense, you can feel it from thousands of miles away.

She wears a constant smile one can only see, if one could go through her protective wall of strictfullness. Yes, she’s very demanding; wanting every of your attention, yet expecting a busy schedule with proof of fruits from your diligent hand’s work.

She constantly reminds you of that essence that created you; in a steady display of affection. She provokes a desire to give one’s self, and builds a morale to reach out and receive others. She goes by the name Paris, a name now equivalent to love.

You may succeed in ignoring her for a while. You may even resist the longing for her touch, but she carries a beauty that no one refuses, and has become an addiction that no one can fight. Cause in the end, you fall in love. She’s called Paris. She’s the most desired of all!


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