Eve (1)

Not necessarily from brown sugar, but a part of a being she had been thought out specifically for. He is called “Man”. One to whom she was Introduced to, by her Father. She is, as she was told, a help mate suitable only to him, a companion capable of easing the stress from his constant herculean duties; cause maybe all work and no play really does have a bad effect.


She is filled with magic, so even her hair would amaze him; It was like a covering fit for a queen. Radiating glory, a versatile being who possesses multiple personalities in ways she chooses to wear them. She has a body so fragile, too original, it carried a figure that would forever please him every time he would gaze upon her. She possessed everything, everything a man would need in a companion, so he called her “woman”, because she was perfect, and she was his.


Her spirit is so brave, pain is alien to her. She has a heart like diamond; not for strength, but a gem so precious it may have become a curse. She’s pure and knows morality, but like a child, she’s easily misled and deceived. He would guide her right, and he would teach her well. She Carried gifts and talents he couldn’t possess, even created life inside of her, if he would give her a part of him. They would build together, multiply and fill the earth, and subdue it. They would rule the world; he and her, and no one else.


Yes, she is his, but like him, she was her Father’s first. So just like him, she was bound to the rules. Rules he already knew, and ones that didn’t make much sense to her. She was new after all, and maybe being obsessed with work, she was Constantly abandoned by him. So far away she strayed, became prey to him that desired to slay. So yes, she fell. She fell from her glorified state. she fell, and he did too.

…. to be continued



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