KEYS TO LIVING SINGLE / waiting, dating & marriage

Review by Unity Ivongbe

Author: Dr. Myles Munroe

“Whether you are married or single, your chief goal should be to be ‘single'”.

Adam was so busy with purpose…complete in himself that he needed to be told that he was alone.

To be alone is to be all-in-one….and that talks about being whole, complete and unique.

God does not choose a wife for people…He only presents you with choices daily — with prospects while you make the choice. And it is wrong to think that there is one specific person for you on the planet. If it was so, the odds at finding the right person will be 1 to 7 billion. And that makes no sense.

We were not designed to be alone….we are people of community. To be alone is different from to be ‘lonely’ or half-empty. And fact is, loneliness is a social disease.

Key goals in the line of singleness is to first discover oneself and accept oneself the way you are before joining to another.

Successful marriage is about two successful singles who come together. Marriage does not invent success…it is only a product of what the both party brings to the table.

“The only persons God put together in marriage are those who have the Holy-Spirit within them, for others it is Man that marries them together”. And that chemistry is in the way the baby leaped in the womb of Elizabeth when Mary spoke to her. Spiritual connection!

Matt. 6:33 also applies here….when you are single eyed about the affairs of the kingdom & righteousness,, then God finds you ‘alone’…and leads you into marriage.

“True love is not a feeling….but a choice and a decision”. “You are ready for marriage when you do not ‘need’ to be married”.

Do not marry for looks, but for heart. The things that are not seen and of eternal value.

Marriage is far beyond physical intimacy….it is the joining together of two souls. Tying of souls or as they say – forming a soul-tie.

Marriage for two true singles should be for no other motive than God’s will for THEM.

“Singleness is not a temporary status, it is a quality of life”.

“Men are to work, cultivate & protect their female partners”….anything short of this is a malfunction.

Talking about the 2nd greatest commandment, you can only love others to the extent that you love yourself. So when a boy says to you, ‘I love you’, ask them, ‘do you love you?’.



About waiting, dating & marriage

….do not conform to the worlds standards.

“Marriage is not a pre-requisite for God’s anointing or for ministry”. You can live happily as a single. And for a fact, marriage is grossly overrated!

“A whole person knows who he is, where he is going & how to get there, why he is in a certain place.”

“Life is too short to be babysitting a spouse…you want to be a husband/wife…not their parent”. Marry a truly ‘single’ person.

And now the conclusion of the whole matter: “Let’s get this straight: To be single means you are a separate, unique, and whole person. To be unmarried means that you are not married—you aren’t committed in matrimonial covenant with another person. Don’t add negative connotations to being single or unmarried” Period!…don’t get it twisted!

The End!


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