About Me

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Hi there,

How are you? Good? Of course you’re good. (or you could be, if you go through this blog😏)

I’m Elizabeth Somiari. I was made in Nigeria, in West Africa, and then went on that life’s adventure that got me stuck in France (ha! I’m not stuck, I chose to stay)

Anyways, I’ve been through a lot of experiences, and I wanted to help anyone who could possibly need my little encouragement. Plus, I’ve always imagined “Elizabeth” to mean “The Encourager” and I was going to live as it said. (I still strongly believe it means that)

I’m very inquisitive and love cultures and languages. I love children and books. I super love music! (I’m going to be a singer someday😉 )

This blog is my findings I got from that life’s adventure; which is still happening!

  • PS: It never ends.

I hope that you get something out of it.❤❤❤