We’re the Solution

Probably wondering what that has got to do with anything? I have a point, I promise. Remember the movies; “Divergent” and “Insurgence”? Well, they remind me a lot of life in reality, or at least life in a Christian’s reality. If you’re familiar with these movies, you might remember how society had supressed the human [...]


Do you Believe?

  Out of the dark void, a world was initiated Out of His sweet voice, creations were innovated Out of the warm dust, humans became products of His invention Yet out of His good plan, we created our destruction.   He surrendered His life, so in His grace we can subsist But we know not [...]

I am a Christian

Today, if you’re not one of other religions, and believe in the existence of some super natural being that we call “God”, then you’re definitely a Christian. In the Bible, Jesus’ disciples were called Christians, because they were being compared to Jesus Christ. They acted in ways that were attributed to Christ. Next time you [...]